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ECOLEAF™ is a clean energy technology venture focused on delivering valuable insights and innovations on green energy through consulting and informative venues. We achieve this by providing current and projected analyses of global energy markets in addition to offering individualized consulting and green innovation services.

Our goal is to provide powerful insights into the world of dirty energy…and the corresponding need for clean energy. It’s a vital-yet–misunderstood facet of our world: while energy is the source of modern civilization, it has also spawned a carbon crisis. The current crisis is primarily a result of a widespread adoption of traditional power plants—coal, petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear energy—and the harmful by-products they produce. As more and more global communities enter the world stage, traditional carbon-based energy systems are being adopted making the carbonized energy an even greater issue.

A shift is needed. We need to find a way to make renewable energy power sources (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and ocean power) viable and profitable producers of energy. Doing so will transform a world caught in a carbon-polluting crisis to a world washed with green. Our success will create a new green power infrastructure that will give us the ability to fuel our cars with electricity rather than with carbonated oil. When water becomes scarce, we’ll be able to provide clean drinking water via desalinization processes.

In cutting through the confusion of traditional and renewable energy, ECOLEAF™ is paving the way for the successful adoption of renewable energies.

ECOLEAF™ is working towards a future in which all of us will enjoy a healthier lifestyle in a cleaner, greener world, a world where every nation will have traded in their dirty carbon energy systems for clean green energy.



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