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CHIEF ECOVATOR :: Adrian Chernoff

Adrian Chernoff
Adrian Chernoff is a creative strategist, technologist, and business catalyst. His award winning and transformational work blends disciplines, uncovers insights, and generates disruptive ideas. At General Motors Adrian reinvented the automobile by synthesizing design, clean tech energy, and smart modularity to catapult GM to the forefront of modern electrified transportation with fuel cell and plug-in hybrid vehicles. A visionary leader in commercially anchored creativity he has impacted a variety of enterprises ranging from theme park rides at Walt Disney to robotics at NASA. His forward-thinking work covers a multitude of fields from transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, consumer products, eco-design, and renewable energy.

Adrian fuels ideas and delivers actionable solutions to corporations in need of new areas to grow and play. His expertise in blending and balancing technology, design, and commercial acumen successfully yields breakthroughs in fabricating new products, services and businesses.

With over 80 awarded patents covering businesses processes to advancements in technology his inventive mind forges bonds between the known and the yet to come. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and a Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering.



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