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ECOLEAF™ provides insights and knowledge into trends and developments in clean technology. We convey the dynamics of green technology, the impacts on global markets, and the potential for green opportunities in the face of carbon challenges.

We realize understanding through our online recourses at is only a starting point. That is why we introduced ECOLEAF 101 to deliver insights to innovation through special speaking engagements.

ECOLEAF 101 is our way of reaching and connecting with the public and directly to corporations. We are delighted to speak to groups, seminars, and conferences about the past, present, and a vision of the future.

To have us present at your venue please send us an inquiry.

CURRENT OFFERINGS: The 101 Platforms of Understanding Energy

101: UNDERSTANDING the Global Carbon Crisis

  1. On the local stage and in the global arena, ECOLEAF™ cuts through the clutter of carbon energy to deliver powerful insights into the realities of the carbon crisis.

101: UNDERSTANDING the Green Energy Gap

  1. A viable renewable green energy system is required to shatter the carbon monopoly and reduce the world’s reliance on carbon and nuclear power plants. ECOLEAF™ re-channels today’s carbon-based tides into the green energy flow of tomorrow.

101: UNDERSTANDING the Future of Green Energy (a futurists perspective)

  1. Carbonized energy will eventually become extinct; from grey to green, ECOLEAF™ portrays a future of green energy farms. These clean tech farms will allow us to abandon carbon power plants in favor of green power, carbon cars in favor of green transportation, and scarce supplies of water in favor of refreshing and plentiful green clean water.


  1. Available for Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, & Forums

  2. Available for Think-Tank Programs and Projects

  3. Available for Participation in Panels and Expos

  4. Available for Radio, Internet, and TV interviews

  5. Available at Academic Institutions

  6. Available for Community, County, State & Federal Programs


ECOLEAF 101: Platforms of Understanding Energy

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